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We know the industry, we know the pain points, we understand how important having a reliable heating system is to the family and home. We feel the frustrations of our customers and followers when they are let down by their boiler, controls, heating system or plumbing.

Which is why we’re here and on hand to help keep your boiler properly serviced to reduce the risk of breakdown.

How it works:

*please see our Terms & Conditions, fixing your system may require additional parts and labour, we will always quote before carrying out any work

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Thank you for choosing us. Heroes on Hand was born out of a fundamental need in many of us- to help people. We as a team have a number of skills and perspectives on problem solving and getting to heat on fast and as cost effectively as possible. Please get in touch if you would like to network or connect. We are always looking for referral partners and to align ourselves with customers and companies that share our values.

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Boiler Service Special Offer – Limited period
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£6 p/m (£72 p/a)
Landlord Certificate Special Offer – Limited period
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£6 p/m (£72 p/a)
Landlords Certificate & Service Special Offer - Limited period
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£10 p/m (£120 p/a)
Complete Certificate & Service with central heating and systems check
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£12 p/m (£144 p/a)