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gas, heating, plumbing... we know the industry

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We know the industry, we know the pain points, we understand how important having a reliable heating system is to the family and home. We feel the frustrations of our customers and followers when they are let down by their boiler, controls, heating system or plumbing.

We forget that the boiler in many ways is the heart of the home and that feeling of warmth promotes safety and health. Sometimes things unexpectedly and unexplainably go wrong but most of the time having your boiler serviced and heating system maintained regularly will keep the boiler performing at the correct and safe levels as well as the most efficient levels and therefore saving you money over the course of the year.

I’ve been in the gas and heating industry for over 14 years now- there are constant changes in legislation, solutions, technology and products. The one thing that hasn’t changed is people. People buy from people and we wouldn’t have had the success we have had over the years in various companies and roles if our values weren’t about trust, integrity and reliability. There are still rogue traders out and in the gas industry that can be incredibly dangerous. One thing I am happy about is the amount of information there is and websites that do some form of checks on companies and individuals. It is the most protected the customer has ever been.

Boiler servicing is essential for keeping your manufacturers warranty in line

You can read further reasons for servicing your boiler here – including avoiding a more expensive boiler replacement.

We offer a range of services including landlord and homeowner safety certificates, as well as EPCs, investigations and repairs, boiler installations and system faults and repairs. We also work closely with NKS Property Maintenance who can carry out handyman services, decorating, drainage, electrical and building works. We have a Hero for every situation or emergency.

the services we offer

We can help you with:

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Based in Bedfordshire and North London – we cover Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London. We offer an out of hours emergency service. We service estate agents, managing agents, landlords and the bulk of our work is simply looking after you- the homeowner, the person trying to get the heat on, the person in charge of looking after the family and bills.

In the video Andrew Black, Director of Heroes on Hand explains how we add value with the different types of services and how you could save money by selecting our standard boiler service plan. Click here to get started and see our latest offers.

our boiler service plan

We offer a prepaid service – so your booking is guaranteed. An engineer will confirm the booking once you have selected the best time for you. Just click on the book now button on the tab above. Select the service. Make the payment and we will confirm the booking and arrive on the date and time chosen to carry out the relevant service.

We try and maintain a competitive price to you so by using this specific booking process it saves additional time and costs so we can stay competitive and save you time and money on call backs and being unable to get through when our engineers are busy solving problems and trying to get the heat on. The video below explains it more from a person to person perspective- not company to customer perspective.

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booking and prepaid jobs

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Find out more in our video

Sometimes a little advice is needed; a little compassion or even a ballpark figure for a quote. Perhaps even a point in the right direction – specifically if we are unavailable to get to your property in the time frame required. To help in these instances we offer video calling and image sharing via WhatsApp. If something is simple – perhaps we can help free of charge. If not – perhaps we can have an idea of what the issue is and arrive with the relevant parts to try and save on time and overall cost. See the video below.


call now or send images to whatsapp... or book a video call

Thank you for choosing us. Heroes on Hand was born out of a fundamental need in many of us- to help people. We as a team have a number of skills and perspectives on problem solving and getting to heat on fast and as cost effectively as possible. Please get in touch if you would like to network or connect. We are always looking for referral partners and to align ourselves with customers and companies that share our values.

what our customers say...

Boiler Service Special Offer – Limited period
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£6 p/m (£72 p/a)
Landlord Certificate Special Offer – Limited period
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£6 p/m (£72 p/a)
Landlords Certificate & Service Special Offer - Limited period
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£10 p/m (£120 p/a)
Complete Certificate & Service with central heating and systems check
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£12 p/m (£144 p/a)