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The Simplified Marketing podcast exists to help our listeners grow their business and is part of our work ‘Helping Trades Troubleshoot‘. We’ve all seen the “americanised” marketing gurus promising amazing results to sell their courses – but what really works for small and medium sized businesses on a budget?

We aim to speak to the people who are really making a difference and seeing results without the budget of a small nation, cutting through the jargon to deliver need-to-know information direct to our audience. Packed full of knowledge and experience this is marketing simplified!

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Listen to the latest episodes of The Simplified Marketing Podcast here:

Creativity in the Workplace with Simon Miller

Listen to Creativity in the Workplace with Simon MillerThe Team speaks with Simon Miller, principle of Simon Miller Architects, about his practice, business and creativity in the workplace.

Getting Visual with Instagram

Listen to Getting Visual with InstagramJohn, Georgia and Andrew discuss how visual businesses, businesses with a lot to show off either with their work or showing the change they make, can get ahead with simple strategies using Instagram and what it takes. If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss please email your ideas or questions to

Personal Development

Listen to Personal DevelopmentAndrew leads the conversation on Personal Development with Georgia and John running through his own experiences helping businesses and specifically trades compete. The Team compares notes.

Mediation bonus with Stephen Silverman of OGR Stock Denton

Listen to Mediation bonus with Stephen Silverman of OGR Stock DentonOur bonus episode this week is from Stephen Silverman of solicitors OGR Stock Denton. Stephen runs us through how the mediation process works to give us a better understanding of the process.

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