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The Simplified Marketing podcast exists to help our listeners grow their business and is part of our work ‘Helping Trades Troubleshoot‘. We’ve all seen the “americanised” marketing gurus promising amazing results to sell their courses – but what really works for small and medium sized businesses on a budget?

We aim to speak to the people who are really making a difference and seeing results without the budget of a small nation, cutting through the jargon to deliver need-to-know information direct to our audience. Packed full of knowledge and experience this is marketing simplified!

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Listen to the latest episodes of The Simplified Marketing Podcast here:

What Are Your Hobbies?

Listen to What Are Your Hobbies?We all need time to relax outside of our businesses and it’s important to have something else in your life you enjoy. The team discusses how they relax and what else drives them. If you have more questions for the team then contact the show on

Staying Positive Through Covid

Listen to Staying Positive Through CovidHow have you got through these difficult months in 2020 and 2021? Did you have a strategy to cope and stay positive? The Team discusses their own feelings and methods. If you have more questions for the team then contact the show on

Growing Your Team With Covid

Listen to Growing Your Team With CovidHave you been able to build your team during Covid? Have you been thinking about how to add new team members so your business can grow? The Team discusses ideas on how you might go about doing this. If you have more questions for the team then contact the show on

Trades Troubles Answered

Listen to Trades Troubles AnsweredIn a survey completed by trades people around the UK a number of themes came up. So what are the biggest problems trades face on a day to day basis and how do you overcome them in your business? The team discusses. If you have more questions for the team then contact the show on […]

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